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"The shampoo cleans really well, I mean, really well, it is fantastic how clean the hair look and feels, no matter how dirty the dog is, and it will be clean. I try it for fleas and it killed fleas too. Oily hair? Not anymore."

MATALAS PRODUCTS utilizes a lifetime of research and experience to formulate the necessary mineral salts that meet the needs of healthy skin and hair.

Enriched with nourishing botanical emollients, MATALAS UV is made with coconut oil and mineral salts. Designed to enhance cellular dynamics while providing essential elements to skin such as lipids, enzymes and proteins. Restores natural healthy skin barrier protection. 

Alleviates skin issues, removes odors, maintains healthy skin and hair.  

Use as a shampoo, body wash, or bubble bath

Simply apply, soak as needed, then rinse thoroughly  

Follow with MATALAS LUX Conditioner for best results

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