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"The Conditioner is my favorite product on this line. The hair is so soft that feels unreal, I use it direct from the bottle and let is soak for 3 minutes and every single time the hair came out so soft that I was amazed. I am a conditioner freak and this has to be the softest hair after one single used I felt. If you want a soft conditioner this product is for you. 


MATALAS LUX brings the lightest, shiniest and healthiest degree of glowing clean skin and hair.

Repair and restore skin with MATALAS LUX enriched hydrotherapy spa formula. 

Designed to boost cellular dynamics

Blended nourishing botanical emollients

Quick dry

Does not add weight to hair

Thoroughly apply small amount after bath, rinse well

For best results use with ANUBA GOLD and MATALAS UV

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