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its called a deshedding treatment but its so much more. This formula is also great for dry skin and hair! the answer to your pets excess shedding is right inside this bath treatment.

 The shampoo is made with olive oil, frankincense resin, balsam resin and sea salt . The conditioner blends natural emollients with frankincense resin to saturate and separate each individual hair shaft, releasing tangles and dead hair gently and easily. Together they make the hair soft and extremely manageable with a high gloss and sheen. Try it today for the most silky, shiny, skin and hair ever or your money back. Safe for cats. 

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Hi there,

We have used your product a few times over the past few days(about 10 dogs or so) and I must say, we're impressed. We bought the GLOS shampoo and conditioner when I saw a link posted on one of the grooming Facebook pages, thought I'd just give it try as we as groomers are always looking to try new and possibly better products. This time, I am truly impressed. So much so that I just bought a gallon each of your GLOS and I'm going to try your UV, Lux and Anuba Gold as well. I'm looking forward to receiving the Medium combo pack of the UV, LUX and Anuba Gold. The GLOS I can't really say enough good about so far.

Thanks and I look forward to doing business with you again,


w/ The Justin Trio