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What makes MATALAS different? Salt and tree resins! Skin absorbs salts, enzymes and minerals to help feed, repair and restore healthy skin

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This unit is designed to be a complete professional grooming salon in a portable unit. Make grooming fun and easy for home grooming, mobile grooming, show grooming... anywhere you have a water source and a drain. 

The SPARKLE PET UNIT is a COMPLETE AND PORTABLE system for washing your pets anywhere. It entails a closed unit that is lightweight and easy to store that would fold out to encompass all the needs of a professional but easy enough for a pet owner to use at home.

Once the unit is opened you would just adjust the legs to accommodate uneven floors and adjust to the size of the dog (you could put 2 legs inside the bathtub for easy draining or small space issues)

To connect your water source, unscrew your shower head and screw on the hose that stores inside the Sparklepet unit. Attach the drain hose that also stores inside the unit to drain the water .

The ramp is conceptual but you simply place the dog inside the Sparkle pet like you would at your salon or home bathtub. The water hose is attached to a siphon-flow shampoo and conditioner dispenser so you simply adjust the water to either shampoo, conditioner or clear water to begin washing.

There is 3 hooks to secure the pet, a large double hair trap and filter, and a 3 sided backsplash (that folds down when you are finished). Designed to keep all the hair inside the unit with easy to capture and clean hair drain.

In the pictures it shows the closed position with the grooming arm up, but the arm also folds down to become the handle which locks into place, making it easy to take anywhere. A fully adjustable grooming arm and fully functioning grooming table to finish your pets grooming and drying needs makes the unit complete for easy in home pet washing.

Master groomers trade secret skunk odor CURE!

Searching for a quick, easy and above all cheap method of ridding your dog of skunk odor that you haven't already tried? Chances are that over the years, you have tried many, if not all, of the products and home remedies available. Most are costly, messy and just irritating to the dog as well as the owner. Washing a stinky, skunked, dog in your bathtub is quite a challenge, even for professionals, but add tomato juice, vinegar, peroxide or chemical products, and you can only expect the worst. I am giving you my trade secret and lifetime of experience...all you have to do is try it. The best part is that it costs practically nothing and works the very first time, without the use of harmful chemicals, and it is so easy. 

Here is what you need... dishsoap or shampoo, salt, and an empty jug. Step one, simply dilute some dish soap or shampoo by mixing it with water( any brand is fine). I use an empty milk jug or shampoo bottle from the recycling to make it easy to pour into the coat. Use about 1/2 cup soap per gallon...then add salt into the diluted soap, about 1/4 to 1/2 cup per gallon. Step two, shake well and apply the soap/salt solution directly into the skin and coat until completely saturated, make sure you wash their face well too. Step three, after the pet soaks for a few minutes, rinse thoroughly, and VOILA' the odor is gone. The main thing is that the dog gets a good washing in sudsy, salt water. (If the dog gets sprayed in the mouth or eyes, just use a little plain salt water to rinse. You can follow up with a little conditioner but of course, to achieve the best results, always brush and dry the coat thoroughly after the bath.

Now that skunk odor is no longer a problem, try my other trade secret products for the worst skin and coat issues. Use my experience and knowledge to rid your pet of itchy, stinky, crusty, oozy, yeast, staph, bacteria, and parasites. Learn more about how to keep your pets skin and coat in comfortable and luxurious condition. Learn how top professional groomers handle the worst chronic skin issues with safety and ease.

 Now you can rest easy knowing you found your pets best friend. Friend me on Facebook at Kimberly Matalas