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WELCOME! Thank you for visiting!!! Let me tell you why my products are different and the best investment you can make for your whole families health and maintenance...

MATALAS products are designed for deep cleaning BOTH people and pets!

Skin disease affects people and pets in similar ways. Many skin diseases  arise from dirty pets transferring mites and infections to humans and humans transferring grease, oils and chemical build up onto pets which create problems like itching and odors. 

We provide a solution designed specifically to work with the natural skin barrier protection matrix. MATALAS Products deep cleans pores, follicles and cuticles to eliminate the bad elements while nourishing the good, keeping pets and their people live happy and healthier. 

These products are not just for itchy, red, inflamed, oozy, crusty, stinky, damaged skin and hair caused by yeast, bacteria, fungal, or parasites. These products are for every person and every pet. They are strong enough to deal with all those problems, yet gentle enough to use everyday on babies, puppies, cats, kittens, rabbits, horses, sheep, show coats...literally every body. Everyone LOVES the treatment because of the cell salts, luxurious oils and natural botanical resins, making skin and hair ultra clean and comfortable.

It all began with a deep love for animals and a passion for helping dogs plagued with skin problems. My passion turned to determination when my daughter experienced severe psoriasis all over her scalp and body, It was then that I began my journey into skincare healing to benefit both my family and my grooming clients. I decided to make products that are highly effective, fun and easy to use for kids, teens and pets. Now after a lifetime of experience and combined research, I bottle simple effective formulas that tackle every skin issue that people and pets experience. These trade secret recipes are used by people with psoriasis and pet professionals all over the world for the most luxurious skin, hair and coats of fur. I am proud to offer you the finest products that you and your pet will thoroughly enjoy. That is my promise and guarantee or your money back.

Follow these simple steps for immediate comfort from all skin issues




 Its a hot oil treatment that you dont need to warm, but you can.

Does your pet have a crusty nose or paws? Hair loss, toenail fungus, lick wounds, warty growths or itchy scaly skin? Use this oil on those spots before you shampoo and condition with MATALAS UV and MATALAS LUX

100% pure resin infused oil: 

  Coconut oil, Frankincense and Balsam, are combined for their potent antibacterial and healing properties. 

Ideal for treating hair loss and damaged skin and hair.

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Do you or your pet have itchy, scaly, flaky, irritated, oily or greasy skin? Do you get extra dirty or stinky from work? This shampoo will solve all these issues. 

A specialized blend of pure food grade salts, resins and oils in a degreasing soap base makes this soap work extra well for healing and deep cleansing. 

Gently exfoliates dead, damaged skin cells while nourishing and supporting healthy skin and hair.

Safe for people and pets of all ages

Ideal for all skin problems. 

Perfect for teens, athletes, factory workers, pet groomers, sensitive skin, scalp psoriasis, eczema...every body!

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 A conditioning treatment that does not weigh hair down, makes drying quicker and  keeps skin and hair cleaner longer and can be used for relief of itching, dryness or sensitive skin.

Get glowing skin and shiny hair with this lightweight, luxurious crème rinse

Specially designed to soothe dry, irritated skin and damaged hair with natural botanical essences.

Leaves a ultra soft feel and refreshing scent.

Safe for all skin and hair of all people and pets

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 Rescued with my brother and sister by Vancouver Animal Rescue. We were given a MATALAS BATH for our demodectic mange and within a few weeks we were all perfectly s​hining, fluffy and adopted! Read about my story here...  


Sold out of the back of a truck with my two brothers,

 we were in terrible shape but special rescuers saw us and took us all to a warm healing bath and loving home. Thank you MATALAS Products for supporting rescues




We offer Great results and money back guarantee!


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